Sunday, June 12, 2016


On the cusp of the already
and the not as yet,
I am carried on gossamer silken

High into the thermals, seeds
made for being carried on winds
rise in circular navigation
and I go with it.

I feel gravitation as a memory
and thought as a possible stance,
but Spirit knows what is best
and so I acquiesce.

It has been a tremor
of fluctuating postulations
without getting to grips
with any formula.

A mystery must remain so
until, leaps across time
make conjunctions with reason.

Perhaps a year will take me
to the root of the great oak;
for now I am carried, hushed
across treetops.

For now I am touching base
with the uppermost leaves
at the soles of my feet
and drifting higher.

Then higher again.

Jenneth Graser


  1. Birthing something anew...lovely

  2. love this poem from your heart and experiences. Blessings in this time of mystery oxoxoxox

  3. "go with it ... carried ... for now (and always) ... yes, and amen. Adding a prayer to the many. :)

    1. Thank you dear Laurie, I so appreciate your prayers <3