Thursday, October 20, 2011

All Glorious Child of God

Deep underneath deep there is a place
Called “Eternity-in-the-Heart-of-Man”
When time no longer holds us
No longer binds us.
Elizabeth of the Trinity called it
“He is my Heaven”
How right she is, when all of Heaven
Is in God
And all of God
Is in me.
He is my Boundless Eternity
My expanding Universe
The space I need when everything
Is cramping in around me.
And there are no boundaries
No, “Do not disturb” signs
Not even one, “No Entry”
To be seen.

It’s all open, opening doors
A Universe to Explore
Truth dressed in white
With stars woven in the tassels.
Love rampant laughing round
And about, all free and easy
No stress, nothing to keep me away
One GIANT personal invitation
In my direction
“I await your presence
For tea.”

Pass the gates of thanks with much
Praise, skip through the secret garden
Of the treasure of Wisdom of Ages
Swing across the galaxies
Delve with abandon
Into wide open arms.
His arms are an open door
Straight into his open heart.
The Spirit of God shouts
Freedom for the children of God!”
It’s like an avalanche of love
Just displaced so many icy lies
Poured out over mountains all
Waiting to be told
“Move here”, “Move there”.

Everywhere you look
There is only possibility,
Everywhere you look
There is hope on every face.
They’re all waiting for us
To see what Jesus sees
When he looks on us,
It’s like, "Who me? Oh yes,
I AM an all glorious child of God."

J Graser