Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ever Unknowing

I wish to have the fragrance of your face
Linger in-between me,

As if I walk through your garden every morning
As if I live with the feel of Heaven
On my creases.

I wish to be one flesh with your life
At ease with the knowing of you
As you draw me magnetic
To the ever knowing
Ever unknowing.

I am awake in the middle of the night
With longing.
It must be that I caught a glimpse
Of your eyes in the dark.

Will you be this close in the morning?

I will be your friend;
I will be here for you when the first bird sings.
I will dip my feet in your river
With the baptism of first light
As the dawn-rise of another world
Blushes the time of mine, with eternity.

It is only a short while...
A blink in the scheme of things.

It is only a short while
Until I breathe you in, until

I breathe you in.

J Graser