Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Flavour of Miracles

Time is like a thousand years, some days.

One of these days, a thousand years
Could happen, all in the space of a day.

Stars are like pinpricks of Heaven
Where people who have gone before
Peek through, and say, Look up!
Sometimes one of their prayers gets all ignited
With excitement
And a shooting star swishes some praise
Up into the face of God.
We get a reflection.

Tastes are like that,
Wine tasting, you get an idea
And then you want to buy the bottle, if it’s that good!
Well, looking up at the stars, seeing all the Heavenly host
All the saints routing for us up there
Pointing the way beyond the universe
Far beyond the restrictions of time
To where Heaven comes down to earth
We realise, the Kingdom is here, the Kingdom
IS here!

I want to crack open the bottle reserved for the end of the feast
THAT is the wine of miracles, the best is saved
For those who wait til the end
And then we savor the flavour
Of miracles.

J Graser