Saturday, July 28, 2018

A Blessing for Courage

I bless you with the fortitude of stones,
a shimmering of granite boulders.

I bless you with a mind at peace with being,
with being your very own self.

I bless you with a raising of the flag
in victory over punishment.

I bless you with the materialisation of hidden
and beautiful things.

I bless you with the courage of lions
to roar through your chest

and to declare to the heavens
you are a believer in what loves

and you will rise up on your brave
to tell everyone through your eyes

that love is deeper, and calmer and clearer
than the confusion and rampage.

I bless you with the forward momentum
that comes when you let everything fall

and you feel as though you can't take one more thing
and you want to give it all up and away,

I bless you to take the seed that remains
and plant it in true resolution

and to know that what germinates now
will spread across the earth as a garden set free.

Jenneth Graser

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