Monday, July 9, 2018

A Blessing for the Weary

I bless you with a spirit born upon spring
opening into the delight of a thousand buds
intent on sap and light.

I bless you with eyes that open on waking,
lapsing into dreams that take you
rippling back and forth from Heaven to earth.

I bless you with the memory of your
most beautiful days with no regret to accompany,
the refrains of your most favourite songs.

I bless you with a yes for all your no's
and a wide open expanse breaking out
inside of your soul.

I bless you with a hurling of old stale deeds
into the sea of no beginning, no end
and the forgetting of what is wrong.

I bless you with the small things 
revealing to you great mysteries,
a spiralling mathematical shell.

I bless you to once again feel your inspiration
a tide determined, with the determination
of dawn and the colours of earth turning into the sun.

I bless you with sleep uninterrupted,
with doubts appeased and hope beating with the blood
through every one of your arteries and veins.

I bless you to be able to see gratitude
and feel it on every breath, peel off every mask,
every label and step out in your brand-new skin, astonished.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Linus Nylund Unsplash