Thursday, June 30, 2016

For the Pilgrims

Delight in the barefoot grass between toes. 
Dare to be without shoes here, 
Where shoes are expected. 

Slowly the smiles will find their way 
Back to the place they belong. 

Peacefully lift your face into the stars - 
Go with the swirl of light 
Scattered across possibility. 

Every dream is striking the matchbox 
And lighting candles 
For the pilgrims. 

Too many dreams are embers on the path: 
See the ones who love, give soft breath 
Without expectation. 

Every dream glows 
Until the feeding of the fire 
Ignites the night. 

All things will once again 
Feel like they are bound to happen 
With grace. 

All things will once again feel 
Like they are 

Jenneth Graser

Painting "Ascension" J. Kirk Richards

Friday, June 24, 2016

Rest in the Centre of Things - Five Minute Friday

Under the river, the riverbed
Under the mountain, cavernous rooms.
Under my mind, my heart rests.

Beneath the roots, the water
Under the waterfall, the pool so deep.
Under the sea, great darkness in crevices.

Under my mind, my mouth, my speech
Observations of word and thought.
Under the boat, a rudder.

Beneath the hen, chicks are warmed
Under the feathers, the skin.
Below the clouds, the rain falls.

Beneath the surface of appearances
The reality abides -
Underneath the symptoms, the source.

Under the heart, the Godhead hides
At rest in the centre of things.

At rest in the centre of things.

Jenneth Graser

Sunday, June 12, 2016


On the cusp of the already
and the not as yet,
I am carried on gossamer silken

High into the thermals, seeds
made for being carried on winds
rise in circular navigation
and I go with it.

I feel gravitation as a memory
and thought as a possible stance,
but Spirit knows what is best
and so I acquiesce.

It has been a tremor
of fluctuating postulations
without getting to grips
with any formula.

A mystery must remain so
until, leaps across time
make conjunctions with reason.

Perhaps a year will take me
to the root of the great oak;
for now I am carried, hushed
across treetops.

For now I am touching base
with the uppermost leaves
at the soles of my feet
and drifting higher.

Then higher again.

Jenneth Graser

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Wonder of Normal Things

To listen to the breath of the wind
In every word of your being,
Where you wait for me
Alive to the outsideoftime
In the wonder of normal things:
This is what I want.

To be aware,
Notice the light through my petals
Unfold in the soft rain,
Be awake to the gift of now
Listen again and then hear:
This is what I want.

To slow into my breath
And find you there breathing,
Where the kingdom within
Is my friendship of Trinity
To be always and forever one:
This is what I have.

All of my wants become
A part of your wants,
As all of my time
Becomes a part of your time.

I am a child of the dreams you
scatter through the air
into the hearts of every dreamer,

Jenneth Graser