Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Relinquish the Words

You may be walking into a forest
and smelling everything -
the cones crushed underfoot,
the sap rising.

You may be navigating stones
on the shore of countless waves.

You may be learning to re-love
your own heart again
and making time for a line of birds
on the mid-point of the horizon.

You may be wondering whatever 
happened to the grace of first wonder?

You may be checking yourself
for holes in your pockets.

But your body is surrounded by trees and water,
your mind is bowing down
and your spirit is in tune with all wings.

You may be wondering what you are doing
here after all these years?

You may be pausing to observe the hour.

Waves thrust your toes deep into sand
and you stumble upon the sky speaking
your language.

You are being birthed upon yourself
and learning to relinquish the words
for the meaning,

while feathers drift out of the sun
and settle at your feet.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Aaron Burden Unsplash

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Psalm of Noticing

Lord you are the author of the green leaf
and the turning of its colour.

You lay me down in the grasses
to take in the zest of the earth.

Contemplation is among us now
in the living of quiet things.

The brilliant shiny blue shell of a beetle
with contrasting orange body, whirs out of confinement.

Lord, you are my teacher from creation
leading me on paths worn well.

You also invite me on the upward ways
not many are inclined to take.

Noticing the blessings I see in nature
trains me to become more aware within.

Not everything has beauty, but once you touch
these things with your hands, it all gains perspective.

Lord, you are my abiding Person of mystery
and my greatest friend of all description.

You are always a place to come home to
and at the same time, my pilgrim adventure.


Jenneth Graser

Photography Micah Hallahan Unsplash

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Silence Beckons to Us First Thing

Silence beckons to us first thing,
ascending in the pre-dawn mist
on the call of animals
that can sense day is coming.

We wait until we feel the invitation
to approach first light
with the prayers we have kept for the earth.

We drift each benediction into sky,
out of reach of gravity.

Our prayers spread out over the
circumnavigating planet
and enfold the people waiting
for answers from the firmament.

Our prayers swirl out of the Milky Way
and head on through stars into heavenly realms,
as incense carried through angel's feathers
and inhaled into God's very nostrils.

Each star pales and then we cannot see the stars
anymore, but that doesn't mean they are not there.

We come upon the sun as our planet turns
by degree into the movements of a day.

The moon hugs the earth with swivelled bliss,
and lingers over the horizon.

Our souls reach far beyond the confines of our bodies
into the places banquet feasts are thrown
for the ones that have gone ahead.

Spirit mentions each of us by name
in a language meant for the time
Babel crumbles into dust and we are able
to look at each other, and finally understand.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Fernando Pereira Unsplash

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We Have Found a Good Home

Our hands lay palms upon knees
and we have rested.

Breath upon breath
and we have listened.

Hope leads to greater hope
and we have moved quietly.

It all comes to us gradually
that we belong.

We have searched
until we realise we are found.

We knock
and the door opens wide.

We have stopped looking
for meaning elsewhere.

We have found a good home

Jenneth Graser

Photography Arno Smit

Stories of Trees

birch, elm, maple

trees have grown
across the continents of my life

eucalyptus, cedar, pine

transplanted sometimes
into new gardens

oak, poplar, succulent

resin oozes as
rings in the trunk tell time

wild cherry, mulberry, plum

roots silently delve,
while some trees die

weeping willow

many leaves in colder climes
turn colour and fall

but our deciduous branches
start to bud mid-winter

jacaranda, avocado, yellowwood 

and there are always saplings
in the undergrowth

Jenneth Graser

Photography Rob Mulally Unsplash

Monday, October 2, 2017

A Psalm of Holy Invitation

Lord you are my refuge of long ages past.
I run into your strength.

Only you are the one who is able
to search me out for enemies within.

You blow through the rooms of my inward home,
as I open the windows for your Spirit
to see me in my entirety.

You rout out my inner darkness.
You expose my foes and reveal each scheme.

You are able to bring my turmoil
into peace that goes beyond all my striving efforts
to achieve peace.

It is only in your righteousness that I can rest.
I will offer the gifts of my gratitude.

I will sing over the last touches of night
that are broken with the first bird's kiss.

I will sing over the morning thanks
that rises with the sun from my back
and warms my every inclination into praise.

Your holiness is an invitation
and the pure in heart will see God.

When you ripped the curtain of deep separation,
you cleansed my heart at once.

I will see your face everywhere,
when I look.


Jenneth Graser

Photography Natalie Collins Unsplash