Sunday, September 24, 2017

Where Hearts Make Gardens

You have said, Let not haste be upon you
for I've gone ahead and I've got your back.

It is the herald who will run
with the revelation.

will make room for living.

will make room for belonging.

There has been only a whisper of wisdom
to go on.

But a whisper is what called Elijah
to the mouth of the cave.

And each breath is what carries us
from day to day.

We will not wait for the eventuality of Heaven
or for all of our dreams to come true,
only to lose sight of the door.

Because Heaven has already been planted
where hearts make gardens.

And all it takes is for us to turn the key
and we're there.

Jenneth Graser

Photography by Benjamin Combs Unsplash

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Psalm of Mercy Relentless

Your mercy spreads like waves
relentless over the faintness of my soul.

How long, Oh Lord, is the question
that rises from deep within.

Because it is only while I am alive
that I can be the expression of
your love and light into the world.

Deliver me by the mercy that keeps on
Deliver me, by your mercy that alone
can save.

I receive no comfort from my futile efforts.
I cannot continue in groaning or tears.

All evil, flee, all darkness go!
For you, Oh Lord have risen upon me
and you have heard my every cry.

You receive and hear the prayers
I offer.

All darkness will turn back and return
to the place from which it comes.
It will turn back from the threshold of the door.

Your mercy will comfort me.
Your acceptance will soothe and re-create
my soul.

Your discipline will not consume me for
I am the Father's pleasure
and you have borne me into true delight.

Your enjoyment is upon me with
the soakings of mercy, filling, my every
broken place with your love.


Jenneth Graser

Photography Frank Park Unsplash

Friday, September 15, 2017

What It Is to Be Seen

It is not a simple matter of arriving,
but of listening into the times we have been given.

We have scrambled for truth between the lines
and those who have aged through selfless acts of kindness
are hidden in the cracks of the world.

It is all in the eyes, he said.
The eyes we have dared to face with our eyes,
until we know what it is to be seen.

Seen with the fire that blazed the suns into being
and the love that causes knees to fold
and the power that causes rocks to weep

and we have felt the tears well up from
within the places no words are spoken

and the spirit has a voice most clear

and all of the things that have fallen down
or away, pale before these ruptures of light,

because we are made from such love, to be loved.
Yes, we are made from such love, to be love.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Julia Caesar Unsplash

Thursday, September 14, 2017

It Is Not So Hard to Go Within After All

It is not so hard to go within after all.

Open the gate of my garden home,
breathe on top of the morning chill, a song.

I feel you urge me towards the sanctuary.

It is more thorough than before, 
when I was so busy searching for what is lost.

The windows frame what is so familiar
and yet, it's all become a platform of the spectacular.

The shadows on the curtain were not there before
and now they are pulsing on the fabric cascade.

The jasmin that was closed in bud
is now a flush of white stars flung into the kitchen.

I was looking to move on, feel different,
get on with mid-life into whatever's next
and now I've been surprised into your face.

I've come to the grass under the knee,
I've come to the flowers in the grass
and all that lives under the grass.

I've come to the smallness of life
where your largeness is hidden.

Your face is growing with the roots
quietly interlaced and drinking
all the earth has to offer.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Aaron Burden Unsplash

Friday, September 8, 2017

When the Day Was Set to Unravel, Here You Are

The steam from the cup of tea 
has become a ministry of your presence.

When the day was set to unravel, here you are.

Rain collects across the valley in sheets 
and from my window I watch it come
into the garden from afar, blown in from the sea.

The expanse of your heart is infinitely large
in every breath waiting to be realised.

If it cannot be in the things I have wanted,
then it can be in what's in front of my eyes
waiting to be seen.

Awareness is: becoming a part 
of the miracles in the moment I am living.

Belonging in your love, opens me
to the beautiful genius of your creation
in a humble beetle folded in with the washing
crawling free.

Or a moth on the curtain, fuzzy creeping over
my fingers onto the windowsill.

I am grateful for the things that don't always
work the way I want them to.

They are teaching me into patience,
a patience that has not always been so forthcoming.

If I stop wanting so badly,
I will dip deeply into this moment and draw forth
an infinity of living waters.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Carli Keen of Unsplash

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Where I Truly Belong

I wake up to the aliveness of you
You have made me a Child of your own
There isn't a moment of less than another
We are all equally Beloved.

You are not distant as I sometimes imagine
Hope is real in the embrace of your arms
When I feel tired and full of regret
You lift me higher than I've ever been.

I am coming back to first love
And to a love going deeper mature
I am coming to the door of your knocking
And opening wide for you to come in.

The music will always be singing within me
Worship to you is ingrained in my heart
You appear in disguise in my dreams of the night
I am not hidden or lost in your eyes.

You have a unique plan and purpose for our lives
We are not losing the path or the way
Because you said that your sheep know your voice
And you are the Way and the Truth and the Life.

I am coming back to awareness
Putting all else aside, getting rid of distractions
I am entering the holy of holies
And finding myself where I truly belong.


Jenneth Graser

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash