Tuesday, May 24, 2016


You feed me threads of colour woven
through the tapestry you have chosen

for my life, there have been choices proffered
and I may freely act on what's been offered.

What will happen if I feed the colour back
in the complete wrong direction, off track?

Scientifically deserted, mathematically absurd
to turn away from equations and the written word.

But I feel loved behind the tapestry, unseen
hands keep feeding colours, it certainly must mean

that there is not so much a right or wrong.
Rather I discover you send me what belongs

for moments such as these, when it comes to me
that my life is not determined by another history.

I must weave the colours given in the way that pleases
and find out for myself who you are to me, Jesus.

Jenneth Graser

Expectations - Five Minute Friday

What have I discovered along the way?
To have expectations
is a very natural inclination.
But to listen to the voices of each?

I'm choosing to dial down the clamour,
by tuning into the silence -

Of God's expectations.
I am not expected to be anything
other than me.

I find the greatness of love makes room
for surprises and a bended
fork in the road.

I find as I cause what I expect to whisper
away on the four winds,
I feel lighter and less

I feel open to something new about life,
about God, about me.

Let the things I expect:
not define me as much.

Let the ways of life:
be ways of wonder
and trust.

Jenneth Graser

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Preparations for Eternity - in memory of Leaan

The day recorded on the calendar:
When realms meet at the point of death,
What do I wish for then?

People are the gift
Nothing else will carry through -
No ornament, or clutter kept
Or pendant, medal on the wall
No guilty stain, or shadow of regret.

Are words spoken in the libraries of time
Stored for future viewing?

Will I move into forever with a spirit that I grew
And watered, turned towards
The hands of my Great Gardener
For secret rendezvous of hearts combined?

Unfold each lesson from the offerings before me
As a gift from wisdom to be learnt and to be sung.

Build into the spirit, listen for the steps ahead.
Create beauty from the ashes
Allow the stars to touch my soul.

Hold the hands of my dear children,
Breathe into the space life makes
For those who set aside what does not matter.

Look carefully into the eyes of others,
Spend time with the people who are my treasure
Instead of money on what cannot last for long.

Get rid of what can't satisfy,
Be generous to the world at large.
Don't try to always understand what's going on.

Be one with my true self.
Embrace the unknown - mystery must do its work.
Turn over stones to see the smallness there.

Keep on peeling off the scales of all life throws
Massage oils of forgiveness into my heart
Dream and don't give up on dreaming,
Live in the senses of the now.

When it comes time to pass on through, this is what I wish for:
That eternity will not take me by surprise
If I make friends with it
This side.

Jenneth Graser

Sansui vintage Japanese scroll painting, Sage & Pine Tree Mountain

Monday, May 2, 2016

Dream Dancer

She has taken off the clothes
of borrowed dreams
and stepped into the wardrobe
of colour, texture, drop and line.

Gingerly, she reaches out
for gloves of new purpose
and dares to linger over
jewels, plentiful.

It is time to slip into
delicate intention,
to feel the fabric
fold onto her body warm.

She walks into a night
so close, heaven can be reached
by taking one deep breath.
Her eyes struggle to take
in beauty so extravagant.

She feels the rise
and fall of her garments
and begins to take the first
steps of dreamers dancing
under quilted nights of sequined stars.

She contemplates firework astronomy;
and makes for the road
of those who find their way.

She does not need to ask permission.

Jenneth Graser

Artwork - Christian Schloe