Friday, September 8, 2017

When the Day Was Set to Unravel, Here You Are

The steam from the cup of tea 
has become a ministry of your presence.

When the day was set to unravel, here you are.

Rain collects across the valley in sheets 
and from my window I watch it come
into the garden from afar, blown in from the sea.

The expanse of your heart is infinitely large
in every breath waiting to be realised.

If it cannot be in the things I have wanted,
then it can be in what's in front of my eyes
waiting to be seen.

Awareness is: becoming a part 
of the miracles in the moment I am living.

Belonging in your love, opens me
to the beautiful genius of your creation
in a humble beetle folded in with the washing
crawling free.

Or a moth on the curtain, fuzzy creeping over
my fingers onto the windowsill.

I am grateful for the things that don't always
work the way I want them to.

They are teaching me into patience,
a patience that has not always been so forthcoming.

If I stop wanting so badly,
I will dip deeply into this moment and draw forth
an infinity of living waters.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Carli Keen of Unsplash


  1. What a lovely poem and the truth it explores is a powerful one to fight dissatisfaction and recentre attention back to God

  2. This: "Awareness is: becoming a part
    of the miracles in the moment I am living" Oh yes! And as patience is something that I also need to be taught time and time again, it helps to remember to slow down and savour what is right in front of me, just as you do so beautifully here. Lovely, reflective poem. Thanks, Jenneth! xo <3

    1. Thank you so much Joy! I feel God has me in this place of invitation and the decluttering from your timely post is so much a part of it! Blessings 😘