Thursday, July 19, 2018

A Blessing on Your Days

I bless your days to wake with God's breath
and devotion to forge a path ahead.

I bless your face with a window on heaven,
and a hand reaching out to embrace.

I bless the companions around you
to share your sorrows with your joys,

to see the light hidden within you
and remind you of what is etched on your soul.

I bless you to remember what it is to learn
with the determination of a child at play,

with the imagination of a child in the trees,
picking fruit till the juice drips down.

I bless you to risk some hearty courage
and take up a project long shelved,

to clear the clutter and the cobwebs
with both hands courageous upheld.

I bless your spirit to receive the great promise,
that love will pursue you beyond the grave,

that there is a destiny for you on this day
right here, at this time, for this season

to be who only you can be,
to do what only you can do.

I bless you to live within this belonging
under the benediction of evening's first star

at rest with your place in the world
wearing your skin with brave honour.

I bless your nights to be softened
by the wings of many angels, circling.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Nikola Knezevik Unsplash

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