Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Blessing on Your Breath

I bless you with the awareness
of each miracle of breath you take.

I bless your breathing to be filled with
all that roots you in the present.

I bless the air to be pure
and saturate your temple with space and time.

I bless you with largeness of breath
to expand and settle your diaphragm.

I bless you with the Ruach
coming to you from the source of life, Spirit.

I bless you with breath that filled
the nostrils of the first ever human, rising from earth.

I bless you with an anchoring through breath
into peace that connects you with others.

I bless you with breath that is held
and slowly released,

with a heartbeat in tune with each
intake and a mind resting on that.

I bless you with the breath of resurrection
restoring the alignment of your body.

I bless you to abide within your breath,
a gift of life in each moment.

I bless you in the rise and fall of your chest,
gentle rhythms of grace.

I bless you with a prayer on each breath,
where prayers don't need words.

I bless you with a release of old pain
as the winds of breath circulate.

I bless you to breathe together with God
on the still, silent whispers of wisdom.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Joel Cross Unsplash

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