Monday, July 16, 2018

A Garden Unveiled

I weave myself with you God,
a synchronicity of cords.

I crochet myself into your kindness,
I embroider myself into your wise ways.

I am on the loom of your handiwork
and your brilliance of design is my awe.

You have given me over to surrender
and quietened me through your gifts.

It isn't as I thought, so you guide my thinking.
It isn't as I imagined, so you move me by vision.

I am becoming aware.

I am stepping out of what seems to fit
into what is truly fitting.

I am woven into trust -
a banner of love that stretches
from the moment of my birth to my death.

My family are the witnesses of your creation.

You spoke and I came into being.
I was taken from the rib of a man
and enfleshed into form.

I was breathed from the earth into life
and every day ordained for me was given.

I have partnered with you, a Daughter.
I have championed with you as a friend.

And now I am ready for the angels to part swords
and to walk in on a garden unveiled.

I am waiting for my tapestry to cease being
framed, and to become for me a threshold into Eden.

We will walk together in the cool of day
and under the stars of a multitudinous night.

We will feel what it is for the first time
to face to face, be.

To come into the fragrance of uncountable flowers.

Jenneth Graser

(with loving remembrance of Viv Kidwell, written 11 June 2018, a beautiful woman, with an honest open heart, down-to-earth, gentle, say it as it is, and always pointing to Jesus. The words she spoke to me, which I will never forget, "Just come back to what it is to be loved by Jesus.")

Photography Poppie Pack Unsplash

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