Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Blessing for Parents

I bless you with wisdom beyond time
and discernment from elsewhere, heavenly.

I bless you with the might of adventurous belief
and grace intentional as the falls of Niagara.

I bless you with the burden of spent wishes
to slide off your shoulders finally

and for the love that is greater
to be greater for you than remorse.

I bless you with friends who understand
and people not afraid to wear hearts,

who can take off the masks of perfection
and share the messy beauty of becoming.

I bless you to be free of the stale taste of guilt
and to walk into the pure springs of Jordan.

I bless the old regret of all you should have done
to pack bags and exit the door.

I bless you to dream with wild imagination
and allow restriction to be momentarily lost,

to step in every puddle and jump the waves
to see with eyes born upon summer and sun.

I bless you with a love for questions
that don't need to have answers,

for the strength of angels to give you
a way to move into the conflict brave.

I bless you with courage to speak into what hides
so that the glory underneath may surface.

I bless you with the starting point of words
when everything cries out, enough.

I bless you to begin again,
and to know that there are no dead ends.

I bless you with the courage to embrace your self
as the intrepid parent you are.

I bless you to share the incredible wonder
of hearts connecting again and again.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Matt Hoffman Unsplash

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