Friday, July 20, 2018

A Blessing off the Beaten Path

I bless you to adorn yourself in the courage
of forgiveness, bravely worn

and to make friends with your thoughts,
your thoughts reaching out with praise.

I bless you to see the sprinklings of God
in places others would never deem worthy.

I bless you to take the path unmarked
and to stumble upon a significant view,

to wrap garlands of faith in your hair
and rest in a simple knowing of God.

I bless you to send out prayers for love's sake
and not only for what it is you want,

to feel love grow around you rampant
when you walk off the broad road of success.

I bless you to find what you are looking for
by going inward, to the place you call here.

I bless you to embrace your dark and light
and to lose a desire for perfection.

I bless you to drink from the nectar of dreams
and to believe in them, every one

and for the first song heard on the earth
to be brought forth to your recollection.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Aneta Ivanova Unsplash

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