Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tune into Your Sound

I emblazon the score of God's great music
across the wide opening sky.

I am a chamber of echoes from out of his heart.

I am an oboe played on the shore of Galilee
where angels tuck under each wave, a psalm.

Your Spirit writes symphonies of I CAN
and you dance, oblivious to worry.

Your cloak swishes the universe
and brings the unknowable close to my skin.

I give myself over to be loved by you.
I give myself over to be loved in return.

Your presence passes, my hand stretches out
from the cleft of the rock.

Small ambitions wash away on the tide,
as I tune into your sound.

Small ideals are relinquished in the immensity of you,

I refract upon your affirming eyes,
as many hands lift me over the verge of heaven.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Eugenia Maximova Unsplash

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