Saturday, September 12, 2009

The desire just grows and grows

No matter how many times I placed everything on hold
Even placing those very things on the flames of surrender
I just could not let go of the forming
Deep inside of me, I reached down into bedrock water
And took hold of it; I’m still drinking.

Now we look for the things we had long ago,
Thinking, if only we could have what we had before
But we lose sight of the fact that
Once we have lived a moment, we cannot live it again
And when we live in the moment, we embrace life.

The wine tasted really good before
But then one day, someone told me, the best is yet to come
And my heart so believed him,
I knew, He’s right! I haven’t even tasted that kind of vintage!
And it’s just around the bend in the road.

It’s nearly here for us, we can see it with our heart vision
And it’s all new, just complete surrender into life
Just trust like we never did before
Throw off all of the paraphernalia
Feel your heart beat through your chest again
Get rid of the stuff that clutters up your space
Step out of the familiar.

The desire just grows and grows
We throw off the old things that tangle and hinder
We live into it, taking the moment
By both hands, anything can happen!

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