Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Catching the Light

It has been a real journey of years coming to the place where I am launching my devotional, Catching the Light.  I began writing again more intentionally when I came back to South Africa after a time in Canada, at the end of 2001.  I was spending a lot of time processing life by writing poems and decided to try and publish.  I sent what I thought was my best piece and was sent back a generic rejection letter!  Talk about pain that heals!  It was painful at the time but the best thing ever for my writing.  I started learning and reading up more about writing poetry and out of that came some pieces I sent in to Utmost Christian Writers, a Christian poetry website.  They sent back a personal rejection letter, ha!  Now we're getting somewhere!  They helped me know what was working and what I needed to work on and out of that I got my first poem published on their website and was sent a $15 postal order.  I couldn't cash it, but that postal order is still in my journal!

Over the years I wrote various devotional poems and then decided to put together a devotional booklet called Walk into Waves.  I got some really good advice from a publisher on how to focus this piece of work and to extend it.  So over the last number of years I have been working on Catching the Light.  Through having children it has been the time I set aside for myself, to write, the pockets of time when I can with the help of my wonderful husband Karl!  Writing makes me come alive and I wanted to share my journey with others.  It comes out of a time of real brokenness I went through, and my process of healing as the Lord has taken me through each and every season, hand in hand. 

If you would like order a copy or to find out more about Catching the Light, check out my website www.secretplacedevotion.weebly.com

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