Friday, June 24, 2016

Rest in the Centre of Things - Five Minute Friday

Under the river, the riverbed
Under the mountain, cavernous rooms.
Under my mind, my heart rests.

Beneath the roots, the water
Under the waterfall, the pool so deep.
Under the sea, great darkness in crevices.

Under my mind, my mouth, my speech
Observations of word and thought.
Under the boat, a rudder.

Beneath the hen, chicks are warmed
Under the feathers, the skin.
Below the clouds, the rain falls.

Beneath the surface of appearances
The reality abides -
Underneath the symptoms, the source.

Under the heart, the Godhead hides
At rest in the centre of things.

At rest in the centre of things.

Jenneth Graser


  1. Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing it! (Visiting from FMF)

  2. Wow that's so pretty! It makes me want to go to a waterfall! : ) Thanks for coming by my blog. your neighbor on FMF

  3. This is so much in this lovely poem. Thanks Jenneth:)