Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Collect your tears from the face of the sky
Clouds do not refrain.

Be with the dew suspended on the leaf
Drip into the river waiting.

Sigh on the highest mountain breeze
Where it is difficult to breathe.

Open a gift with fingers tentative,
As though it is the only gift you may receive.

Grateful thanks may rise with greater thanks
When borne through the ashes.

Be with roots who remember the music of light
In dark places, go deeper.

Live with an egg in its stages,
On a nest of what is to come.

Be with composting fruit on the manure pile;
A steam of matter rises from loss.

Once you were content to smile at flowers -
Now you bury your nose into scent.

Once you were happy to watch from airport windows -
Now you have booked your flight.

Other travellers have made room for your beauty,
Misfits have joined hands in strange peace.

Jenneth Graser

Artist - Moki Mioke


  1. "Live with an egg in its stages,
    On a nest of what is to come."

    love this hopeful suspension

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for this. I am definitely feeling like a misfit and this has reminded me of the honour of that, and that I am not alone. A community of misfits joining hands, yes please!

    1. Thank you Keren! Yes, misfits united in peace! I think God enlarges our hearts in compassion when we feel so often on the fringes. Hugs.