Monday, November 21, 2016

Written into the Core

What moves you behind the scenes
where stars are delved in galaxies displayed?

Kingdoms rise and fall before your eyes.
Time trickles under the veil of immortality.

One man pokes his finger into
space determined to attempt
what no man has.

One woman steps onto the ladder
of her higher intent, going places
they say.

A child rolls a dice across
the table and the people laugh
because the number is right,
but what happens when the
die is cast and no one likes
the outcome?

Birds circumnavigate the globe
guided by pure instinct alone.
What steers the heart of people
to what is true?

What makes one turn to
eternal voices eager to learn
and another plummet into
the dregs of lust for power insatiable?

Fish move in schools of syncopated
rhythm, clouds adorn the
sky in colours dressed by position
of the planet towards the sun and
animals know when to sleep
and when to move.

Will we remember what has
been written into the core of our DNA?

Will we listen to the groove of purpose
etched upon the surface of the
world and resonating in the
deep heart's core?

Jenneth Graser

Photograph -

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