Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Love of the Godhead

The Trinity ever before me
The Blessed Trinity hand in hand
A perfect circle around me
Deep in the centre of love.

The Father around me
The Son around me
The Spirit around me
Three in One around me.

The Godhead at my back
A shield in my left hand
A sword in my right hand
The Mighty Three undergirding me.

Christ at my side, ever beside me
Spirit in my breath, ever inside me
Father at one with my living spirit.

The blessings of the Father on my head
The blessings of the Spirit on my spirit
The blessings of Christ on my heart, mind and soul.

The love of the Godhead on me
The mighty tide of love
Living water rushing through me
The mighty tide of love
The love of the Godhead on me.

Jenneth Graser
(In honour of St Patrick's Day)

Listen to Encircling by Iona

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