Saturday, June 24, 2017

Head For a New Way

We awake to a day
that feels like an invitation.

The sails of our dreams
have been folded so carefully
in a put-away chest.

We have given ourselves
so much advice
over the years

And had a hard time
keeping up with it.

Sails so perfectly preserved
can always come out for one day
when the weather is perfectly good.

The anchor has become
almost part of this turf.

Familiarity has layered the soul
with small expectation.

And now a morning that asks for more?

A boat tethered to the stump
must remember what it feels like
to surge over the swells on fullness of sail
and head for a new way.

We are asked for more than we have been
and disappointment can not have the final say.

We are willing to pull out the sails,
do what needs to be done
for what it is that calls us.

Jenneth Graser

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