Friday, January 25, 2013


You know how you get those incredible God highs, times with God that seem eternal, like you're never going to forget them, like they're going to go on forever?  Well, isn't it funny, and strange how those times often fade in our minds, and there I am wondering where did God go, or where did I go?

But it's something He said to me, "I never left you".  That was at a time I needed it the most.

He never leaves.  But I sometimes drift.  And it's at those times, I need to come back to my inner centrifugal force of spiritual gravity and come back to that place again and again

Here we are on the verge of things altogether new.  Just testing out the new ground by stepping off the run of the mill path and exploring what can be seen, what can be found.  When I come back to my God in the centre of me, he encourages me to see things in the not so ordinary run of the mill way.  He lifts me out of the mundane and into the new way of seeing.  My circumstances may not be changing very quickly, but he can make something happen inside of me very quickly indeed.

I'm reaching out for a fresh revelation.  I'm coming back to the word to read it afresh, again and again.

I've been waiting at the door and now all of a sudden this door has a key, poised, just waiting to be turned.  It's as I come back to the threshold of God's door, that I can find the courage and strength to turn it, to walk on through.


  1. Hello there. I am the blog post BEFORE you but I thought I'd visit those on either side of me! What lovely writing. Yes, God is always there despite our drifting. No matter how many times we read the word, God is ministering to us through it, revealing new aspects of his Grace and into our lives.x

    1. Thank you Kezzie! Yes this is so true, I'm coming back to this reality slowly - having our third baby in the house I find it challenging! It has been such a busy time and reading the word is the food I need!