Friday, January 11, 2013

Dive into the Sea of Glass

When I feel stranded on the island of obscurity, surrounded by a sea of laundry and much else besides, back ground music being the cacophony of squabbles and crying, it got me to thinking about the sea of glass around the throne. 

There is so much peace there, it's all quiet as crystal, this sea.  Glory is what the water is made of.  The water is deeper than all my troubles.  The water goes further to quench me than anything can make me feel desperately thirsty, no dried out crusty Mom's-had-enough feeling can compete with this kind of water, that quenches thirst so deep you won't be thirsty anymore.
Dive into the sea of glass around the throne.  Revelation talks about it, clear as crystal.  That kind of peace is the peace I need to dive into, deeper than ever before.

It's here around the unconditional presence of my loving Father that I find joy in the moments, of gurgling baby, laughter and smiles amidst the trying demanding times I am faced with on a daily basis.

Diving deeper than ever before, deeper into this kind of grace is going to give me such a thrusting surge of strength into my spirit being, such a thirst quenching of grace, such a boost into clarity and perspective.  Because from my Father's side of life, everything has a purpose and a reason and a time.  And it's all beautiful in its time, it's all making something beautiful out of me.

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  1. Beautiful! I loved your imagery of the sea of glass... the silence and peace that hover there. Yes, isn't that what our hearts long for as mommies? As humans? Thanks for sharing... I felt it. Sitting there in the quiet... thank you.