Friday, November 11, 2016

Let that be honey to you

You are my Daughter.
Let that be honey to you.
Let that be ever sweet to your taste.

The world may riot in the hurricane -
there are frenzied whispers of
utter disbelief in the bowls
of striving.

There are violent retributions
and no solutions to be had.
But you are my Daughter
and I am your Father.

You are my bringer of laughter
cherry on the top
candle to be lit.

My dwelling-place Daughter,
belonging where the
world cannot strive over your head.

Where your heart is held sacred.

I am your Father.
I set my seal on you from before birth.

I have laughed over your laughter,
I have wept over your tears.

I laugh over your laughter
throughout all of time,
I collect every tear.

(primarily written in July this year inspired by Psalm 2)

Jenneth Graser

Artist - Victoria Rhodehouse