Thursday, December 1, 2016

Born out of time

On her death bed,
a woman transported on one of her final
to a time in her past.

Young as ever she did appear
and aware of what awaited her,
this window
into life as it had been lived
was given as a gift before she travelled through.

The moment chosen for her to relive
was on the blink of a mid-life
whilst snuggling her daughter during nightnight prayers.

She was with the little ones when they were so
and words rippled out of their mouths,
confounding them with sage-like wisdom.

"I love you with all the colours of my heart"
"Thank you that we are the praise of God"
"Your songs come into my mouth and my songs go into yours"

Fingers, each so like petals held
as she leant into a beating heart.

Her daughter stroked her hair
as though she was the comforting mother
and the mother, her child.

And the revelation came: she could see herself as an old woman
looking back over time to this moment,
(a time often raced through to get to the next thing),

and she felt herself travel back to be here, be here now
and she knew that for the rest of her life she would
make every attempt to abandon herself to the call of love
by becoming more mindful
of living

And then the woman found herself back in her bed
with the faces of those she loved around her.
A holding of hands, a kiss on a
and she was born out of time into God.

Jenneth Graser

Photo credit unknown