Friday, January 6, 2017

Crossing over Seasons

We have looked over the resolutions
of former years.

We have contemplated the possibility
of accomplishment.

Crossing over seasons, we hear a hum of bees
on the nectar of our dreams.

Every flower in the garden has potential
buds for the people,
each tree, potential fruit.

But what we try so hard to achieve
with our goals cannot reach you now.
It is into the heart you are seeking.

You ask me questions with your eyes
that only I can answer.
Time is sown into the areas we deem worthy.
What do you deem worthy?

What are we willing to set aside
to look with you into our hearts
and really see, as though for the first time?

We are willing to bravely look
with the courage your eyes impart.

We are willing to find the kingdom
you have placed within.

Jenneth Graser

Photography - Myriams-Fotos

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