Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Sound of Forgiveness

What does forgiveness sound like?
When people's hearts are willing
to see each other with new eyes.
What does reconnection feel like?
Or a breaking down of walls?

A situation may feel lost,
but when we fall upon the cross
"It is finished" is what we hear.

Animosity - It is finished.
Despair, death - It is finished.
Separation - It is finished.
Judgement with no mercy - It is finished.

We do not need a list of laws
to motivate us.

Your gracious Spirit meets
us courageous
from every temptation Jesus suffered
and overcame.

We are met with "It is finished".

No more are we to live under
the yoke of guilt ploughing
through the soil of no going back.

We can turn around and face
every unmentionable
only because of these three words
It is finished.

Jenneth Graser

Photography - Frank Becker

The Sound of Amen - this newly released collection of 100 poems for download at Noisetrade is birthed out of a one year pilgrimage with God through difficulty, loss, the end of seasons and the beginning of new things. Discover an adventure into the deep places of your listening heart.

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