Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Verge of Light

Winds of change have swirled the waters
into disarray.
Streams are flowing over the mountain hewn rock
into a time of change.

You have appeared to us in our dreams
through different guises.
You have been calling for a very long time
on the waters of disarray.

Everything is the same
and yet everything isn't.

The cross that drove the nails of our shame
into your hands must be looked at
before we can be on the threshold of wonder
at an empty tomb.

When we stand there on the brightness of angels
we will hear the words we have been so longing to hear.

We have made peace with the things that have haunted our days
and now we are ready for new things.

We hail you our Son, under the darkest part of the night,
on the verge of light coming.

Creation will awaken us with the news of resurrection.

King of all kings
Prince of Peace, all hail, all hail!
Bright Morning Star
Risen Lamb, all hail, all hail!

Jenneth Graser

Artist - Arthur Hughes


  1. Dear Jenneth. I keep revisiting this powerful poem. Very inspired.