Saturday, May 6, 2017


Leaves have trembled
across my field of vision,
the shadows too. Is it light or dark
or a combination?

I have grown to love the shadows.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

A leaf is only ready to drop
off the tree when new seasons
And then there is nothing to be done
but fall,

The water can only flow
when the rains come.
Then the debris that has collected
at the mouth, will have no choice
but to be taken by the surge,
will have no choice
but to move
out of the way.

I am in love with rivers at this time of year.
You don't have to try in any way,
the water tells the story.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Jenneth Graser (Jubilee Creek, Knysna)


  1. Maybe we all need to come to a place of embracing, if not being able to wholeheartedly say, "I have grown to love the shadows." Much of life is lived in shadow-lands we wouldn't choose but have no option except to abide in for a while.
    Then we discover how "the water tells the story", because the flow of faith, the running of grace, the outpouring of holy love all have their source in God. Thank you for these lovely, poetic, thought-provoking words, Jenneth. Bless you, dear friend! xo <3

    1. So lovely to hear from you dear Joy, thank you for your special insights! I'm learning the embrace of self and others that is light and shadow, and how God's unconditional love sees us in this whole way and loves the all of us. What relief. Blessings dear friend! 💗