Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pulling Me up into Strength

You have stretched out your hands
towards me.

I am unable, yet you are not judging me.
Your eyes only searching.

I want to have you search me out.
Don't stop at the closed doors.

I am unable, to bring solutions to the table
and it is your voice in everything.

Inside out, the petals have turned fragrance
through the window,
where we should have looked in the garden
and the bees are seeking for hidden flowers
in the bathroom steam.

Outside in, I have turned the laundry of my soul
into the waters, wrung them out, twisted them dry
and hung them into the sky of high places.

The trees have been watching me.
They are neither waiting, nor hoping.
They are love in the soil, not needing to hope,
because love is the greatest.

It is you I find standing, when I fall down
and it is you
reaching out for me,
pulling me up into strength for this hard time.

Jenneth Graser