Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Time for Faith to Arise

I am a warrior on the winds of time.
I do not stay down when my back is covered
by the sound of a lion's roar.

A call has reached me from over the battlements of my heart,
Be still! I will fight for you!

When the pursuit intensifies with one thing after another,
I will stand up internally into strength not my own.
I will relearn what it is to do more than I am capable of.
I will overcome each fiery thought with ageless rivers of living water.

The angels are ministering very powerfully at this time
and desperate souls seek desperate measures.

A sword can only penetrate effectively when sharpened
on the words that belong to another world.

We are living in a temporary frame
and the future knows what can help us.

We will speak to ourselves with certainty.
We will not accept the lies of circumstance.
It is always time for faith to arise
and the time for faith to arise is now.

Jenneth Graser

Photography Unsplash Priscilla Du Preez


  1. Ah thank you Jenneth. Always the right words at the right time my prophetic friend :)

    1. Thank you dear friend, a kindred spirit of encouragement. Blessings xx