Friday, June 29, 2018

Together is a better way to travel

I am open to become,
the petals of my soul are responsive.

I will walk one step at a time
when the road calls for gentle progress.

Yes, I will put one foot in front
of the other, when the road is dim.

I am prepared to be wrong
and discover something I didn't know
about you or me.

Together is a better way to travel.

I am becoming, a field of many
flowers, instead of one particular bloom.

The fragrance is best when untampered
by human hands

and left to seed, carrying the memory
of the first flowers that showed up
on the rolling hills of Eden.

The ancient varieties don't always look
as well put together,
but their imperfection
is what makes them so lovely.

We will enjoy our own uniqueness
and will come upon a deeper sense
of you and me.

When we learn to move, at a quiet pace
until it is time to leap courageous.

Time ages our long ago plans
and we come upon a slow discovery
of everything new that is growing between us,

Jenneth Graser

Photography Nathan Jefferis Unsplash

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