Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Place Between All Places

I enter the gangway
with my fellow travellers
and pack my overnighter
into cabin hold.

I look eagerly onto the runway.

There is not one iota of guilt
in my cells, singular or otherwise.

I feel the surge of being lifted
high above the clouds judgemental
into places mercy lives.

People are more human
seated side-by-side in close proximity.

Flights of elevation
bring us closer to what Heaven
considers possible,
and angels may be seen
above jet engines on the wing.

Every flight attendant offers
pleasantries, minds are left to wander.

A place between all places,
a way to all ways made.

I am flying to an
island off the South Pacific.

I think I will head for the
mossy tundras after that
and have someone row me
through arterial river systems
where animals who have
not been taught to fear
the great beast of man
may curiously pause,

Look up for a moment
and resume what animals
do on tundra plains.

Jenneth Graser

Photography -

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