Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Enemies Made Friends

You have my attention.

I have never left you, I never will.
You are my child, my very own.

I am committed to you, always.

Expectations are lifted
Where forgiveness may flow.

There is a great feast for enemies
Made friends.

See how they feast together
Side by side at the same table,
Laughing, sharing the cup.

I break the fresh loaves of bread
Into pieces, so everyone has
More than enough.

The masks are long
Turned to ash in the furnace.

Eyes that are open to the light
May see.

Hands that have laid down weapons
Are free to be shaken in greeting, held.

Faces may behold
What I have created, my love in each heart.

Human to human come to the table,
Come and break bread.

Drink from the cup overflowing,
Child to child, make friends.

Jenneth Graser

Photo credit unknown

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