Thursday, September 29, 2016

You Will Find Your Flight

A double transition occurs
when your outward journey
mirrors the journey of your heart.

Outward change does not
clamour so, when inward
resolution has been made.

Forgive well, travel memory
with tenderness.

Map out newly explored terrain
in such a way
that other pilgrims may benefit.

Observe the larger hand of grace
at work.

The heart of a traveller is called
to find rest within,
so that restless urges do not drive
the motion.

Travel deep, dear Pilgrim,
find the peace you are searching for.

Travel high, dear Pilgrim,
taste the stars and drink the rain.

There is so much ahead.
You won't be driven.
You will be deeply moved.

You will find your flight.

Jenneth Graser

Artist - Daniel Deskridge


  1. So beautiful!! Thank you! "The heart of a traveler is called to find rest within, so that restless urges don't drive the motion..." This is my morning meditation ❤️

    1. Thank you Donna! Blessings on your morning time of meditation <3

  2. That's just beautiful!!

    My posts go live in just after midnight for October 1st. But, you can see my landing page. Here:

    1. Thank you Kimberly! Great to meet you through 31days!

  3. Absolutely lovely! I'm visiting over from fmf/31 days link up. Looking forward to reading and following your wonderful words!

    1. Thank you Bonnie! Looking forward to meet you at 31days!