Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dark Place of Trust

Gideon managed really well
when he needed sure confirmation.

There were undeniable miracles.

Even so, his heart must have
trembled on the first, yes God
I will.

We want a sign:
audible voice from the heavens,
word of knowledge,
and a wonder:
dove to alight on our shoulder
with a message sent.

A fleece will also do.
To prove that what we feel
is really what you are asking of us.

But Thomas reached in on the wounds
in your side with the words:
Blessed are those who do not see
and yet believe.

So are we blessed then,
when we forgo the need for signs
and enter more deeply into the dark
place of trust?

It is love that has been waiting
there for us
in our falling.

Jenneth Graser

Day 25 Prompt - sign

Artist Gabriella Barouch

Listen to Trust by Kristene Mueller


  1. How comforting Jenneth. Thank you so much!

  2. Beautiful, reassuring thoughts,Jenneth. It's so good to know that Thomas gives the rest of us permission to ask the awkward questions and to seek after Truth. And so encouraging for Jesus to bless us for believing without additional signs and wonders. Thank you for your creative expression here! xo

    1. Thank you so much dear Joy, yes I love Thomas! Feel a very kindred feeling there. I so appreciate your warm encouragements, blessings to you! Our 31 days is nearly over! Thank you for your beautiful posts 💕