Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Your Delicate and Precious Intentions

Smiles are followed by indigestion
after some conversations.
And we feel the Spirit nudge
us with fingertips of
a summery breeze,
lifting our preconceived ways
of doing things into the air.

Some days are meant for

When we recognise the wind
that blows around our chest
and the restless rise and fall,
as something more than just
happenstance digestion,
we are on the verge of fresh revelation.

Some days are meant for

No more doing things the way we always did.
No more lapsing into familiar patterns
that just don't work for us.
Or them.

We feel our warm thoughts rise like warm air
is meant to,
and we know, we are going to have to pick up that phone,
write that letter, make that face to face appointment.

There is no going back.
Take the bull by the horns they say,
before the bull in the china shop of your delicate
and precious intentions
crashes them all to the floor
once again.

God is with her (you love that scripture)
she will not fall (yes, say it again),
God is with her at break of day.

Jenneth Graser

Day 26 Prompt - confront

Photography - Matt Wisniewski


  1. Wonderful and true words Jenneth. Hope everything okay - are you having to take the bull by the horns? I will often breathe that scripture to me of a morning when anxiety grips me 'God is with her at break of day, she will not fall' xx

    1. Yes I just love that scripture Lisa! This was a poem that has come out of things from my past mostly, painful lessons in learning more healthy boundaries! Thank you so much my friend xx