Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Dazzling Awkward Road

There were years of preparation
for perfection.
"One day, when..."

When all the ticks mark all the boxes
and your longings are laid to rest.

When you are always in control
going where you want to go.

But, all of those plans
got wedged between diaries on shelves.

And you still make mistakes.

Take a long look into the mirror

Not the you you want to be
or the you you were,

But who you are now.

It is time to let go of perfection,
of should have, could have,
would have.

It is time to learn how
to be a dear friend
to yourself.

Yes, all of the fractured cracks
and fierce glowing embers have combined
to form a one-of-a-kind thing of beauty.

Art in its purest form:
imperfection in harmony
with grace in motion.

You have come upon the dazzling
awkward road towards finding yourself


Jenneth Graser

Day 6 Prompt - You

Artist - Gustav Klimt


  1. Again I thank you ✨💕💐

  2. Dear Donna, thank YOU for your encouraging words! I am so blessed to hear from you.

  3. So beautiful! It speaks soul deep to a woman's insecurities. Learning to love what we have become is both art and grace. Thank you, Jenneth, for helping to pave the way for it to be possible. xo

    1. Wow, thank you dear Joy for your gracious words, I feel truly honoured my friend. Many blessings xx

  4. Your writing is a total blessing!