Saturday, January 28, 2017

Your Breath on the Wind

You have beckoned us with no haste
to take off our shoes for what is holy.

We have felt the soil of compassion
between our toes squelching with readiness
for what must be planted.

Change has come to us on an olive branch
in the mouth of a dove,
when we finally opened the window.

The outer case of our old ways of doing
has peeled slowly into revelation.

All butterflies at first look bedraggled,
and messy lumps of wings take time.

Leaving the things we found comfortable
and predictable,
we wait for the colours of a broader spectrum.

But we also stopped searching for silver linings
when we learned to appreciate thunderstorm grey.

There were butterflies under the rain
coming up into the sky
and being taken
wherever the wind was going.

We forget to take control
when we see your breath on the wind.

Jenneth Graser

Photography - David Mark

Listen to Gravity - Jenn Johnson


  1. There is always so much to unwrap in your poetry dear Jenneth. Thanks for the wonderful journey of reading.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Lisa, I feel the same reading your beautiful healing poetry!

  2. Jenneth, this is a poetic feast for the soul, full of richness and good things! These words: "There were butterflies under the rain" reminded me of the slow painful process of growth and change being apparent to us if only we look for the signs hiding in plain sight. Blessed as always by your beautiful poetic voice, my friend! xo

    1. Thank you my friend for your insightful wisdom! I'm so thankful to hear from you. Blessings dear Joy! 💐

  3. Another comment from me Jenneth. I have seen so many butterflies recently as God speaks to be about the transformation he has been doing in my life. Thank you for your poetry that always speaks to what I am going through at the time. God has certainly used you to speak in my life and the lives of many. xxx

    1. Ah Lisa you don't know how meaningful this is to me at the moment. I'm very blessed by your encouragements in what has been a somewhat dry time lately. Thank you my friend! 🌸

  4. Oh, Jenneth, I really liked these lines: "we also stopped searching for silver linings
    when we learned to appreciate thunderstorm grey." And the lumpy mess of a butterfly--what vivid images.

    1. Thank you so much Jody! I'm thankful to be part of your group, many blessings! 🌸